Being an entrepreneur can feel like death by a thousand subscriptions. At LovecraftVA we prioritize finding free resources to cut down on the money going out every month. Today I’m going to focus on free resources for social media management. If you’re interested in more training on how I use these tools reach out today.


Buffer is a great all-around social media tool. I’ve been using this platform for at least 3 years and I set it up for most of my clients. Buffer is a 3rd party app that connects to Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, & Twitter and allows you to schedule automatic postings for a future date. This tool is a great way to free up your time. No more manual posting every day. Now there are tons of platforms out there that will let you schedule your social media content. I like Buffer because they offer a free plan that connects to 3 social media accounts and allows 10 scheduled posts at any given time. This works incredibly well for new and established businesses.


Later is another social media scheduler that has some pros and cons to Buffer. Pro: they offer a built-in link in bio option that is usable from their scheduling platform. They also offer TikTok posting via a push notification on their app. “I love a multitasker!” to quote Alton Brown. Con: it only offers 30 posts per month, per social media platform. If you’re looking to post more than 30 times per month this free option won’t work well for you. Now that isn’t an issue for a lot of people so don’t let it hold you back from using this awesome software.


If you know me you know I love spreadsheets. Ask my friends my nerdiest past time and they won’t day Dungeons and Dragons (which I play multiple times a week), they’ll absolutely say spreadsheets. I say all this to say that Airtable is spreadsheet heaven. Not only do they have a free plan, but they have built tons of templates for anything you could imagine. When I first dipped my toes into the world of content creation and social media management I needed a way to organize my research, gather my thoughts, create a posting schedule, and let my clients easily read and approve their content. This is where Airtable templates came to the rescue. I started out using the generic Content Calendar template but soon found I wanted to tweak it to better fit my business needs. I now have a content production tab where I build my schedule. There’s a tab for each type of post. Think “Throwback Thursday”. Where I can paste blog snippets and write content ideas.

Business Partners

This one is my secret weapon. Do you know what people like just as much as seeing their name in lights? Seeing their small business blog post shared on your Facebook page. There is no good reason not to share content that builds up your network while also talking to your perfect client. You set yourself up as the expert in your field and nourish your professional relationships. It’s a win-win. Especially if blog writing is not your zone of genius!

You don’t have to do the things you hate for your social media to work for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how LovecraftVA can help you create great social media content reach out today.